Truly Bizarre Facts

2.Shoe sizes began with barleycorn.

In the early 1300s, Britain established the first means to measure shoe size. King Edward II declared barleycorn as the basis for shoe measurement. He ruled that the length of three barleycorns were equivalent to one inch, making this the standard for sizing.shoe trends

3. Men were the first to wear heels.

For centuries, heels signified a high social standing rather than gender. It was also crucial for men riding horses to have a heel on their boot in order to stay in their stirrups.

4. U.S. women own an average of 19 pairs of shoes.

According to this study, the average American woman has at least 19 pairs of shoes in their closet. How many do you own?

5. The first pair of right- and left-footed shoes was made in Philadelphia.

Ouch—can you image the pain before this brilliant modification?

6. Through an experiment, the wedge shoe was invented.

Due to the trade close Italy experienced in the 1940s, steel was no longer available, so designer Salvatore Ferragamo experimented with new materials thus creating the wedge shoe.

7. Science can explain your shoe addiction.

Yes, buying those heels is totally justified, according to Suzanne Ferriss, PhD, editor of the book Footnotes: On Shoes.

8. The first lady’s boot was created for Queen Victoria in 1840.

More than a century later and women still love the versatile style.

9. Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous shoe collection is estimated to cost more than $40,000.

If we had to ballpark it, we would have guessed way higher, but this article reveals the real cost of Bradshaw’s beloved shoe collection.

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