How Can I Make My Boots Last Longer?

  1. Waterproof:
    You may not need a hardcore water-resistant boot, but you'd certainly appreciate the novelty of dry feet during the occasional rain shower. So if you just get a regular set of leather boots, you can still improve their general waterproofing to preserve their original texture and keep your feet dry in some rain. Options for everyday protection include creams, pastes, waxes, and waterproofing sprays. Just be sure to clean the leather before applying the waterproofing! Whenever you start to notice that drops of water no longer bead and bounce off, it's time to repeat the process.How Can I Make My Boots Last Longer?
  2. Change Up:
    Increase the longevity of your boots by rotating them with an additional pair or two. Not only does this allow their materials a break from wear and tear, but it can also provide some relief to your body, as one pair may provide a different support system than another, allowing stressed muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones more balance and a chance to recover. Try wearing different boots each day or even changing pairs midday, which might prove best for long work shifts or overtime. Shoe rotation can also help during the break-in period by reducing the chance of developing blisters and experiencing other pain sometimes related to wearing a new pair.
  3. Keep them Clean:
    Your leather boots can look like new after a good cleaning and polishing but you need to keep up with regular care. Be sure to wipe off daily dirt and take special care during winter months to remove snow that may have been treated with salt. A damp cloth with some mild cleaner and polish can work wonders on basic stains and help soften the upper for a little more flex and comfort. For fabric areas, skip the polish and use warm water only. Conditioning your boots should also become somewhat of a habit – it's all about balancing moisture! Applying conditioner on full-grain leather will prevent them from cracking or flaking, plus, they'll look nicer.
  4. Restore them:
    Despite the beating your boots have endured, there may be options to repair them, depending on the type and construction of your boots. Any good cobbler can replace laces and soles, as well as repair stitching or even hardware.

Follow these steps along with any care instructions from the manufacturer and you can extend the life of your boots tenfold. But maybe it is truly time to say goodbye? Find out when it's time to buy a new pair.

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