3 useful tips to repair your shoes

Scrape Marks

If your black leather shoes have scruff marks, then it is easy to disguise them with a black permanent marker. This tip applies to all the shoes if you manage to find the same colored marker. All you need to do is color the mark, pat it with a tissue or soft cloth and repeat. Applying the marker recurrently makes it water-resistant. However, if it’s a white shoe, then use a white eraser and then make use of white-out to fix the scrape.


Wrecked Strap

If you have a hardwearing sewing machine at home, then mending a broken strap isn’t much of a problem. If that’s not the case, then you will need a needle and a thread. Make sure the thread color matches the shoe strap. Alas, doing so is not enough as a closer look at it will reveal its flaws. To have a flawless appeal for your shoes, snap a few hair clips over the mended strap. Alternately, you can use brooches or ribbons too.


Limped Soles

If you wear a shoe habitually, then its sole is likely to detach itself from the bottom. The easiest way to fix this problem is to peel the backside of the sole, clean it thoroughly and stick it back with a strong adhesive. Make sure you spread the glue evenly. Finally, press the sole to the bottom to make sure it’s sturdily attached; you can wear them after 24 hours.

Remember, there is no such shoe that cannot be fixed at all. Throwing off damaged shoes is like binning your money. Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above to keep your footwear in the best shape.

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