Jeans are an incredibly versatile piece of clothing and a go-to wardrobe staple, suitable for office and weekend looks alike. They may be basic, originally designed as hard wearing work wear, but jeans come in so many designs, styles, and colours that they can be worn in many exciting and stylish ways.

How to Shine Shoes

how to shine shoes gm step materialsYour shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, but keeping them looking their best requires some maintenance. By polishing and shining your dress shoes regularly, they'll look sharp whenever you hit the town. Follow these simple steps to learn how to polish and shine shoes and boots so your footwear looks like new every time you step outside.

Women’s Shoe Style Guide

cec0721b69bbc63a87bfca3bfccff320--sexy-high-heels-shoes-high-heelsWe know as a woman finding the right shoes to go with the right outfit can be a bit of a task in itself. With so many styles, colours and heel heights too choose from, finding the perfect footwear can be a bit of a nightmare. The right shoes however can make or break an outfit; they can add that final finishing touch to your look. This month we have put together some little pearls of wisdom to help you choose the best shoes for your chosen outfit whether it is a casual or formal look you are going for we’re here to help!

How to Waterproof Boots and Shoes

BIG-WaterproofNot all shoes are created equally. Some boots and shoes are specially crafted to prevent water from seeping through to your feet when you encounter heavy rain or deep snow. Other footwear is merely water resistant, repelling rain and snow from quickly destroying your footwear and seeping through to your feet.

How to Pick the Right Men's Shoe Colors

One of the biggest questions I hear guys asking is: “What color shoes do I wear with these pants?” Well, I have an answer. This will be a great cheat sheet to use when you’re not quite sure what shoes to choose. One general rule to use is: the nicer the pants, the more conservative the shoe. Unless your personality and style is crazy and all over the place, and you feel the need to wear eccentric combinations.

Interesting facts about shoes

Ballet shoesAmazonian Indians have been making instant gumboots since time immemorial by standing knee-deep in liquid latex until it dries. The Palau islanders of the Pacific squeeze sea cucumbers until they expel their guts and then use the rubbery shell to protect their feet when they walk around the reef.


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