8247cdac3576ff17eba95641d3b94b4d--hearth-and-home-ralph-lauren-bootsTips for Buying Winter Boots

Winter boots come in all shapes, colours and sizes and the array can be bewildering. It makes sense to think about where you’d like to wear your winter boots before you part with your cash.

  • Are you looking for practical winter footwear to keep your feet cosy and warm while dropping off the kids at school or doing the weekly food shop?
  • Are you looking for boots which will make more of a style statement to accessorise a special outfit?
  • Are you looking for winter boots that will look professional enough to wear to work but still provide some protection from the ravages of winter weather?
  • Are you looking for good value winter boots for the kids?


  • Try them on with the socks you want to wear with your new boots as this can affect the fit.
  • The best time to buy winter boots is later in the afternoon when you’ve been on your feet all day. This is when your feet will be at their largest.ermoumag uggs sienna
  • Make sure you try on both boots – it’s normal for feet to be slightly different in size so you want to be sure they’re comfortable on both feet.
  • Take a walk around the shop (or your living room if trying on at home) so that you’re sure they’re easy to move around in.

When to buy Winter Boots

When can you wear winter boots? In our grandmothers’ day, this was an easy question to answer: when the weather gets cold enough! Nowadays it’s not as simple as the weather dictating when to start wearing winter boots. According to the fashion press, it’s always on trend to wear boots of some description! Summer shorts and miniskirts are often paired with knee high or over the knee boots. Mid-calf boots and swishy print dresses give you that retro 90s look. Bootcut jeans and cowboy boots are a classic combination that’s always in style.

Typical British weather doesn’t help much either. Winter days can be surprisingly warm while spring and autumn can often catch us off guard with sudden cold snaps. It pays to check the weather forecast. Even air conditioned offices can prove somewhat chilly in the summer, turning fashion winter boots into suitable workwear.

So when is the best time to buy winter boots? Most high street stores and online retailers start bringing out the next season’s designs at the end of summer, going into early autumn, and many will gradually add further lines as the autumn turns into winter. So if you’re searching for uber-fashionable winter boots, September is a good month to catch the first of the season’s new styles.

However, if you’re in search of a bargain (and who isn’t these days?) then knowing when winter boots usually go on sale will be key. Keep an eye on your favourite shops – pop in or email to ask when stores start stocking winter footwear and when their women’s winter boots are on sale. After Christmas is the traditional time of course, but mid-season sales are becoming more and more popular.

The true bargainista will know that spring and summer are the times when stores are looking to move any remaining winter stock before the next season’s goodies arrive, so there may be discounts galore.

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