Spring/ Summer 2016 Shoe Trends

spring summer 2016The spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends just would not have the same effect without the shoes that follow in its stead. We have been building up the shopping lists as we go along, watching fashion show after fashion show, the Fashion Week designers memorized down to the tee.

We have gone from New York to London, Milan to Paris, some physically, some mentally, and we have always found some looks that are utterly us, our style! We have fallen in love over and over again with the mesmerizing spring/ summer 2016 shoe trends and our shoe closets be damned, we will be adding to them. Maybe we might give away some of the older and less practical ones to those in need. We are certainly not missing out on spending our savings on some incredible pieces fresh off the runway though!

#1: Casual Sneakers

Possibly the most common look on the runway for the spring and summer is the pair of laced up sneakers that are casual but can certainly be dressed up. Red lacing and a black heel area can be seen at Alexander Wang, giving it an even more casual look. Sneakers are staying strong it seems and we can find slingback styles at Tommy Hilfiger, bootie styles coming in at Ralph Lauren, and slides picking up steam at Calvin Klein, looking so very delicious among the rest.

#2: The Creeper Flatform

Platforms aside, there is a different type of lower heel that follows the same principles, known as the flatform. Now, combine that with some Grecian sandals and you have a bit of elevation to the otherwise very flat looks, a summer favorite that will be coming back for 2016. It is the creeper flatform and both Giambattista Valli and Burberry showed special love for the footwear style. There are the gorgeous flatforms as well as seen at Louis Vuitton, at Versace and Dries Van Noten, all appearing with a rather heavy edge. Rag & Bone, Stella McCartney, and Michael Kors all fall into the same category. Chanel and Alexander Wang bring in the good stuff as well, with the latter putting grand emphasis on studs and chains.

#3: Pointy-Toe Heels

For those with narrow feet and a love for stilettos, this trend is mighty lovely! It’s the sexy look that is made all the sexier with a slingback appeal, something, which Givenchy adds to with a laced up piece in front, covering the upper section of the foot up to the ankle. It’s the Oxford shoe meets the slingback heel. Prabal Gurung comes in with red and orange pointed toe heels with cutouts strategically placed to draw the eyes downwards. The pointed toe looks awesome with stilettos in gold with the extra glitter as seen on Marc Jacobs, something easily seen on its Western style booties as well.

#4: Those Rather Flat Flats

Along with the casual sneakers, the spring/ summer 2016 shoe trends bring a bunch of flat looks for fans of comport and femininity combined. They came in eyelet leather as seen at Derek Lam and as slingback flats at Bottega Veneta with a very comfortable calfskin material. See-through material on the really flat flats appear at Zac Posen, while the future comes to down with shoes you can dance ballet in with big balls on top as seen at Prada.

#5: Leather Shoes

Leather is not as big as it was for 2015, but it is still around and baking in slowly fading glory. This goes for the spring/ summer 2016 shoes as well since we see leather appear on everything from flats to slingback heels. Derek Lam and his eyelet leather flats are certainly one to take into consideration, while the Jason Wu fringed slingbacks are quite versatile among the masses. Leather looks pretty good with feather additions as well, almost sculptural at Valentino, with some more classic happening at Dior.

#6: Laced Up Sandals

Laces are an awesome thing on a shoe even if they need to be of a supple material to keep from digging into your skin and causing you pain in the name of fashion. Suede is a nice material to use actually, and adding fringes onto a laced up pair of sandals with stiletto heels is certainly the Marissa Webb way to go. Laced up to mid-calf, slight platform heels and a heavy but sturdy look make Salvatore Ferragamo shoes look delectable.

#7: Slingback Designs

Can we say that this is one of the biggest spring/ summer 2016 shoe trends seen on the runway? No matter the type of heel, such as stiletto at Givenchy or chunky at Michael Kors, it appears that we cannot rid ourselves of this particular look, making the slingback sandal especially all the more covetable. Fringed slingbacks appear at Jason Wu and are intriguing for the young and the older generations, while Burberry Prorsum decides to bring in some of the heavier looks with crisscrossed chains on black straps on a platform sandal. Slingback clogs in denim with floral embroidery appear on the Alexander McQueen runway, open toes and all, as well as the slingback sneakers that we find at Tommy Hilfiger.

#8: All Types of Slides

Mules are not the only slide-in footwear out there either and it appears that there was quite a variation of this trend appearing for the spring and summer 2016 Fashion Weeks. It included the black and red block heeled pieces at Proenza Schouler, while we have some beach looks appearing in Jamaican colors on rainbow slides at Tommy Hilfiger. We even see some black and white slides with platform heels at Fendi. We love the black suede slides seen at the Oscar de la Renta show, while it became clear that Balenciaga holds special favor for the all-white lacy Chinatown-style spa slippers, which ruled its runway. There are some rather intriguing Givenchy lace-up booties that are slides in reality as well, streaked in silver to complement the color trend.

#9: Gladiators in the Modern Arena

Open toes, stiletto heels and not so laced up gladiator sandals reaching up to the knees can be found on the list of the hottest spring/ summer 2016 shoe trends, including the designs of Paul Andrew with his black and orange looks that could make a man melt with lust. Salvatore Ferragamo has his own designs for gladiator shoes, while Kenzo throws it straight into the modern world and way into the future. Giambattista Valli? Let’s just say you’ll be walking on glittering grass across the meadow.

#10: Heavy Footwear

The hot and heavy look is sizzling on the runway and everyone seems to want a taste of the chunkier designs that are not so flattering as some of the other SS 2016 shoe trends, but are certainly a lot more durable and without the danger of losing a leg. This includes the chained crisscross slingbacks seen at Burberry Prorsum, the calf length laced up sandals at Salvatore Ferragamo, the geometrically designed Rick Owens sandals, the studded pieces at Alexander Wang, as well as the plaid that comes into play with socks and sandal combinations at Chanel.

We are not sure whether those Kenzo shoes are actually comfortable or not, but we can certainly speak for the Rag & Bone espadrilles. Chunky goes a long way when you see chains added as per Louis Vuitton, gorgeous height and heels given to the looks, as we expect from the brand. Studs and buckles come in at Philipp Plein, while we cannot help but love those Fendi slides.

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