How to Shine Shoes

how to shine shoes gm step materialsYour shoes are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, but keeping them looking their best requires some maintenance. By polishing and shining your dress shoes regularly, they'll look sharp whenever you hit the town. Follow these simple steps to learn how to polish and shine shoes and boots so your footwear looks like new every time you step outside.

How to buy shoes for kids

shoes for kidsChoose a shoe store with service personnel to help you buy your children's shoes. A store specializing in children's footwear should have experienced and knowledgeable staff. Have the salesperson measure your child's feet. When measuring, your child must stand up straight with his or her socks snug around the feet. This will help ensure a comfortable fit.

How to Waterproof Boots and Shoes

BIG-WaterproofNot all shoes are created equally. Some boots and shoes are specially crafted to prevent water from seeping through to your feet when you encounter heavy rain or deep snow. Other footwear is merely water resistant, repelling rain and snow from quickly destroying your footwear and seeping through to your feet.

Truly Bizarre Facts

 shoesSneaking around and sneakers go hand in hand.

According to The New York Times, in the late 1800s, people started using the word sneakers because the rubber sole allowed you to “sneak” around without making a sound.

Interesting facts about shoes

Ballet shoesAmazonian Indians have been making instant gumboots since time immemorial by standing knee-deep in liquid latex until it dries. The Palau islanders of the Pacific squeeze sea cucumbers until they expel their guts and then use the rubbery shell to protect their feet when they walk around the reef.

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes

Patent Leather ShoesAlmost all of us will have at least one pair of patent leather shoes or bag. This glossy shiny leather is regular leather coated with lacquer. This special finish requires different care than regular non-patent leather.

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